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The Montana Paradox

The more eloquent and seasoned writer, as a matter of standard, typically does not begin an article with a blunt expression of purpose, but the topic of this article begs an immediate explanation. What follows is one of the more important reasons our family started Montana Fitness Magazine. I began visiting Montana in the Summer…

What is Wellness?

What does it mean to be well? There are a number of explanations to be found on the net from self-appointed life-coaches, all of which begs the thought; “tell me something I don’t know.” They all seem to focus on similar common central concepts which are certainly valid and important.  But all feel lacking in…

The State of Well Being

…in the 2013 City indicators from Gallup show that Billings is a great place to live ranking 15th of 189 metropolitan areas in the United States in overall well being. In that same poll…

The Outdoor Effect

If you’re determined to get into shape and make exercise a part of your longevity plan, why not take it outside? Increasingly, the effect of nature on our frame of mind and overall health is being investigated.

Tippy Toe Syndrome

Ankle joint equinus, “a condition in which the upward bending motion of the ankle joint is limited” happens when the dorsiflexion range of motion (where the toes are brought closer to the shin) in the ankle is reduced. Someone with this problem has an insufficient ability to bring the top of the foot toward the front of the leg.

The Lunge

Despite everything you’re told Lunges aren’t easy… but they can be.

Despite what dozens of websites and countless trainers may say about them, lunges aren’t easy, but they are truly one of the best lower body free standing exercises one can do. Not only do they provide a great platform for toning legs and glutes, they offer a great opportunity at improving balance and core strength.

Introducing the Mustangs

History was made on Tuesday, May 4, 1948, when the Mustangs and Salt Lake City Bees played the first game of organized professional baseball ever to be staged in Billings. Billings Mayor H.E. Biddinger threw out the ceremonial first pitch in front of 3,280 fans who braved near freezing temperatures. Gene Brocker’s long double in the ninth inning scored Kenny Jensen from first base, providing the visitors from Salt Lake City with a narrow, 3-2, victory and spoiling the Mustangs home opener.