In the Beginning…

Large LogoThis isn’t our first rodeo.  Montana Fitness Magazine is our small family business’ second magazine and we hope to provide the same level of in-depth coverage, useful information, and eye-catching graphics in this magazine as we do in our other work which also includes a small graphic design company and a business development services company.

My wife and I started Sharpe Family Publishing in 2012 with the launch of Energy Ink Magazine, a quarterly publication that covers all aspects of the energy industry (including renewables), focusing on the Rocky Mountain and Plains region.  Did you know that Montana gets nearly 20% of its power from over 30 hydro-electric dams in the State?

In fours years, Energy Ink has become an established publication with a loyal readership including the leadership of major oil, natural gas, and coal companies.  We are proud of our success, especially considering how turbulent the energy industry is these days.  We’ve not only survived but we’ve truly become a “go to” publication for insightful information for energy professionals and the general public.

We distribute thousands of copies of Energy Ink Magazine across Eastern Montana (including at highway Town Pumps, Cummins Rocky Mountain, and Shipton’s Big R), Western North Dakota, and in every major city in Wyoming. We also direct mail over a thousand copies to energy decision makers in 42 states and 5 foreign countries at over 700 companies, and distribute to 16 energy expos throughout the year – including one in China!  Our publication has been read by individuals all over the world (literally) and our work has been cited by other industry publications and used by energy companies for safety training, education, and in one case, to help them prepare for a lawsuit.

We’ve been fortunate to have some notable local and national advertisers as well including Subaru, GMC, Chevy, Billings Clinic, First Interstate Bank, Shipton’s Big R, Riddle’s Jewelry, Town Pump, Beartooth Harley-Davidson, Hilton Garden Inn (and more) and dozens of energy-industry related companies.

But as I tell our Energy Ink readers, despite being an energy centered magazine, our work is not coming from a conservative perspective, nor from a liberal perspective.  We are independents.  What that means is that we report the facts about the energy industry – warts and all.  And it is that integrity which has gained the most praise from our readers.  It is that same integrity we hope to bring to our new title, Montana Fitness Magazine.

MoFi, as we nicknamed it, is not just another fitness magazine.  It is Billings’ and Montana’s only fitness and health magazine (as far as we know).  We will cover every aspect of health, fitness, and well-being important to the residents of Billings by utilizing local experts’ knowledge, our community’s enthusiasm toward active life-styles, and my wife Stephanie’s and my passion for fitness and health. Stephanie has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, is a certified personal trainer with multiple clients, and has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and The National Association of Speed and Explosion.  I’ve been physically active my entire life, have coached high school track and YSA soccer, and love writing and working on graphic design.

In doing my homework on the viability of a fitness magazine for Billings, I quickly found the data to back up what we already knew:  Billings is a physically active community – and no one is covering it.  Billings fitness and health infrastructure consists of dozens of parks, dozens of gyms, some of the greatest hiking in the nation, countless running and fitness events, and two of the best hospitals in the world – really, it’s true.  So, the launch of MoFi just makes perfect sense.

We hope that as we grow, you will follow our progress and participate in our love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. MoFi is all about wellness in our community and helping our neighbors better understand what that means.  Thanks for reading!

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