A Day In The Life

This issue features an article on social wellness.  One critical aspect of achieving social wellness is simple participation.  But that, of course, requires something to “participate in.”  I spoke with a friend recently who imparted to me that “eh, there’s nothing to do on the weekends” when asking him what was on his Saturday agenda. …

Five Ways to Get Started and Stay Committed

When it comes to starting or re-starting a fitness routine, people often waste all of their energy on the excitement of the idea of getting back in shape and preparing to get started that they have no energy left for the reality of it. Once they realize what it takes to get back into shape the excitement dwindles as fast as their hidden candy stash.

United LUV’s Glow Run

There’s something about the night sounds and the dark that bring out a little of the primal instinct. If you add some neon paint and some kicking music, you have the atmosphere at this year’s 2016 United Luv’s Glow Run.

Ask the Healthy RN

I suffer from pinched nerves in my back – the same areas keep getting aggravated from time to time. There seems to be no reason why or when it happens. I could be simply turning my neck and pop! First – …

Weak Glutes and Back Pain

Does climbing stairs make your legs hurt? Does your lower back ache on a regular basis. Certainly, a variety of ailments can result in lower back pain and general weakness…

Versus: Pullups vs. Pulldowns

As a figure competitor who is trying to increase the width of my back muscles, I have been wondering which exercise is the best to help increase muscle mass: lat pull-downs or pull-ups. During the research of this subject, I figured that many of you may want to know the same information. What I found, in a nutshell, is that both exercises …

Social Wellness

In MoFi’s inaugural issue, we emphasized to our new readers that our publication is about health, wellness, and fitness. One of the first articles in that issue was about the concept of wellness.

Are You Socially Difficult?

Be less critical.

Some of the people tend to constantly criticize both themselves and those around them. They can avoid social interaction because they are on…

Dental Health Matters

Dentists hear it all too often; a patient calls in with tooth pain and says “I just want it extracted”. There are times when a tooth needs to be removed, but often, extractions are not the best answer. Here’s some reasons why you should reconsider that knee-jerk reaction to go for the extraction.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The below is nothing new about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Even if you feel you might suffer from SDA, you’ve likely seen the bullet points. But are you doing anything about it? Read on – and act! – the MoFi Staff.