Billings Wonderful Y

by Eric Sharpe

You’ve heard of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” If we had to pick Billings’ “Seven Man-Made Wonders”, certainly making the list would be the Metra, the Mormon Temple under the Rims, and the Scheel’s off Shiloh which is the largest stand-alone retail space in the country. Several other candidates could be argued for, but one that would fly under the radar is Billings’ YMCA.

5 Tips to Managing Stress in the New Year

by Michelle Manningham

When people talk about managing stress it seems laughable. Is stress actually manageable? With family, careers, fitness, and trying to squeeze in some life balance it can seem that stress just becomes something we learn to live with verses learning to manage.

Not Another Diet… Making Real Lasting Change

by Rebecca Douglas

When we start on the journey to health and fitness, the most common train of thought is, “I have to starve myself”, “I need a diet pill”, “I have to cut my carbs”, “I need to add extra cardio”, and so on.

Ask the Healthy RN (Jan-Feb 2017)

by Joey Traywick, RN

The sights, sounds, and smells of a hospital room must be “challenging” for staff to cope with. How do nurses manage the difficult – and often shocking – “sensory inputs” that accompany the job? Really, how do you do it?
John J.

Genu Valgum – the Problem of Knock Knees

by Stephanie Sharpe, Exercise Science Editor

During the process of earning my Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, I was taught what to look for in clients in regards to compensations. Compensations refer to unbalanced opposing muscle groups which result from one or more muscles being tighter …

Why Do You Want Good Health

by Roy Hall, MD

We all, or most, want good health. But as we all know, many are not willing work for their good health. It takes action to have good health. It is not automatic.

Shred it! Fitness Prep for your Next Ski Trip

by Eric Sharpe There are three key aspects involved in skiing that if addressed prior to your next trip could help you stay safe and injury free. Biomechanics In the Physics of Sports, the subfield of biomechanics refers to the structure and function of the body in relation to the “action of forces” during sporting…

Dental Health Matters: Do I need to Floss?

By Matthew Larsen, DMD

Recent articles have created some confusion about everyone’s favorite activity…Do you need to floss? There’s a short answer and it is: YES!