Why Do You Want Good Health

by Roy Hall, MD

We all, or most, want good health.  But as we all know, many are not willing work for their good health.  It takes action to have good health.  It is not automatic.

Simply doing the status quo won’t allow good health to happen, but rather ill health will follow doing nothing.

Before one can work on their health issues, they must have a why.  Why do you want good health?  This question must be answered.  The answer needs to be a strong answer.  I find the better answers tend to involve relationships.  The relationship between spouses is important, so is the one between a parent and a child.  “I want my best health so I can spend more time with my wife, and so I can be her care giver when the need arise.”  Or, “I need my best health because I want to be an awesome grandparent to my grand kids.”  The relationship-related “why” is a powerful motivator and can really help one make the efforts needed for good health.

Other reasons for health can be those involving bucket lists.  I want my best health so I can travel to … wherever!  I do find these are perhaps not quite a strong as the relationship issues as  I suspect it is easier to be satisfied with a less glamorous bucket list goals than giving up on a relationship.

I find most folks believe we are placed on this world to accomplish a purpose, and often this purpose involves a very special person in our lives.  It is so much easier to accomplish this purpose if we have great health.  Poor health can really interfere in accomplishing these personal missions.  Good health is not simply taking the medications which treat the symptoms of poor health.  These simply tend to mask the issues causing poor health and really do not address the root causes.

For good health, one needs to focus on 5 areas.  These areas best are achieved when one is addressing multiple areas at once, rather than sequentially.  In no order of importance, as all five are most important and must be addressed for good health.

checklistLet’s begin with nutrition.  Good nutrition is not simply dieting, but eating the right foods that are needed both for energy production and information.  This is actually one of the key purposes of food.  Food gives information to the cells in the body how to perform the normal functions, how to subdue toxic acts (such as cancer development) and how to promote good outcomes.  Learning to eat right is not hard and it is not expensive.

Next we need to detox the liver and intestines.  This is not a “Betty Ford” type of detox, but a gentle detox over a period of a few weeks.  It involves giving the body rest from foods and chemicals which can have a toxic effect on these two organs.  It is very simple and pleasant when done under supervision.

Next is movement, or fitness.  We cannot get healthy and cannot maintain health without movement, or fitness.  A good mentor can help everyone find a program that is enjoyable and possible to do.  This just takes knowing how to do it in a smart way rather than a hard and time-consuming manner.

Next, we need to focus on the nervous system.  Stress is very important here and needs to be controlled.  There are all kind of activities we can do to help alleviate stress.  We are learning the GI tract is intimately associated with the nervous system.  What we put into our mouths and belly affects the mind very much.

Finally, our hormones need to be balanced.  Often, there are several hormones out of balance with each other which contributes to poor health.  With a rebalance, our body runs smoother and needs less effort and energy, just like your car or truck does with balanced tires.

Good health is not hard to achieve. Nor is it difficult to reverse bad health.  It does take some effort, some time, and knowledge of how to do things smarter.  The benefits are magical and huge!

I suggest your first determine why you want good health.  This is a must.  Find your why.  Talk it over with your spouse and family.  When you have a real reason – that motivating factor of why you want good health –  then the “how” becomes easier.  This is a new year, so come up with some great goals to get your health independence back.  Say “Yes” to health and to life.

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