Montana’s Land War

There is a land war taking place in the United States, and the front lines are in Montana. The consequences of its outcome could threaten to block public access to some of Montanan’s favorite places to hike, camp, fish, hunt and recreate.

How to Get Back on Track in the New Year. It is not too late.

Once the excitement of the New Year’s resolution has worn off it is easy to start letting weeks slip by before you realize that your goals have started slipping by as well. Many may already feel they are so far away from what they committed to they simply fall back into their comfortable routines.

How to Get Back on Track in the New Year. It is not too late.

For 6 months, two best friends have been working out together doing steady state cardio on treadmills, reading the same fitness magazines and following the same diet… thinking they were doing all the right things. Both are frustrated at their lack of results.

Posture and Breathing

Proper spinal alignment, (aka good posture) from the head to the lower back, creates a stable platform for correct breathing. A person with proper posture is able to increase thoracic cavity volume, which is an increase in the amount of oxygen that is drawn into the lungs during inhalation. This ultimately leads to more energy.

Habits for a Healthy Heart

February was the American Heart Association’s Heart Health Month. This is also the time of year when Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches are often asked “What can I do to get Healthy?” A good first step to answer this question is to narrow things down and get to the basics which in itself can be difficult and overwhelming.

Strong Hearted

I was a bit of a mental health counselor when I taught 8th grade history. Many kids came to me with problems which to them were life ending. A jilted boy, a friendless girl – they all felt the sting of life with the sense that there was nothing more to look forward to. My standby response was to pull out my yard stick and tell them to imagine this was their “life line”