How to Get Back on Track in the New Year. It is not too late.

by Michelle Manningham

Once the excitement of the New Year’s resolution has worn off it is easy to start letting weeks slip by before you realize that your goals have started slipping by as well.  Many may already feel they are so far away from what they committed to they simply fall back into their comfortable routines.  Here are three ways to stay motivated to stay on track in the New Year.


Step one to getting back on track in the New Year:

Write your goals down… again

This sounds cliché, overrated, but do you know that your chance of success increases 50% compared to those who have goals that are not written down.  The very act of writing the goal down is powerful.  When you commit something to paper you are signaling to your brain that this is important.  It is impossible to mentally keep up with things you want to do without committing it to paper.  When I get lost in a mall (which happens more frequently than I’d like to admit) the first thing I do is run to the mall directory which usually has a giant arrow that says YOU ARE HERE.  This usually sends a wave of relief through my body and helps me regain my bearings on where I am, and helps me refocus on where I need to go.  Sitting down and mentally processing where you are allows you to open up your mind to where you would like to be.  Since it is already a couple months into the year most of you have already done this part, and now it’s important to re-commit those goals to paper.  Even if it is only 5 things.  What are those 5 things you are committed to getting done this year?  Write it down.


Step two to getting back on track in the New Year:

Visualize your goals

Writing down your goals is one thing, creating visual reminders of your goals is another.  I had heard growing up of people who cut out pictures of their goals and dreams and put them on their fridge (a place most people frequent daily).  I heard of others who created beautiful dream boards of their goals for the year and hung them up in their closet or their office.  Writing them down is one thing, but when your brain sees them every single day and you can visualize your accomplishment your brain kicks into another gear.  What you keep in front of you attracts your attention.  Don’t believe me.  In 2016, I put up on my vision board: a brand-new Mercedes SUV, a picture that said 100% debt free, a photograph of my cowgirl boot line I wanted to launch, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes  (a girl can dream right), and I hung it up right in front of my bed.  Every morning when I woke up and every night before I closed my eyes it is what I saw.  Well, call it coincidence that I paid off all my debt in 2016, bought my beautiful Mercedes SUV, walked out of the Christian Louboutin store with a limited-edition pair I had dreamed of, and landed a deal with a manufacturer to produce my cowgirl boot line? Well, I almost hit all of my goals.  Write the vision down and put pictures up to remind you what you have set out to do.  Visualize yourself at that ideal weight, in that perfect relationship, in that dream car.  Let yourself dream again, it is ok.  In fact, it could change your life.


Step three to getting back on track in the New Year:

Verbalize your goals

I know, this sounds ridiculous.  But what you continually hear, your brain begins to believe.  You hear yourself talk more than you hear anyone else so it is important that what you are saying is breathing life into your goals.  Every day I would walk past my vision board, I would speak my goals out loud.  Claiming what was not yet, as if it already was.  Now, in 2017 my goals are written down, vision board up and I have this little crumpled up piece of paper I wrote my goals on that I open and read out loud every day before I head into work.  Then, I fold it back up and stick it in my purse.  Lamination would have been wise, but there’s something nostalgic about adding a little wrinkle every day I open and read them.  Speak what you want.  Your confidence goes up, your belief goes up, your quality of life goes up.  And you then watch as those things you have written, visualized and verbalized start to come to pass.  That grin you have as you start to remove things from your vision board that you have accomplished is worth it all.

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