The Humanizing Force of the Big Sky State Games

Impact is a word which conveys depth of influence; meaningful, life-changing, influence. And yet the impact of what is arguably Montana’s greatest gathering seemingly goes unnoticed by the many residents of Billings, and Montana…

Don’t Forget to Breathe

As I get older (48), I am beginning to worry about how being too busy may have adverse effects on my health. What should I be worried about, from a health perspective, being way too busy and way too stressed?

A Dream to Reality “go out and get it”

I find that the fitness industry holds within it some of the most determined and focused individuals. Some simply start by getting organized for a fitness routine while others find their passion leading them into dreams of personal training, coaching, competitions and new businesses. It doesn’t matter from where we come.

Ditch the “Cardio” to Get Lean

If you’re still doing Steady-State cardio to get lean…STOP! You don’t need it. Plodding along on an elliptical or treadmill watching daytime TV will not get you the body of your dreams.

The Montana Marathon

Montana’s premier running event, the Montana Marathon will be run September 9th in Billings. First run in 1981 and sponsored by the Billings Gazette, the history of the event has seen a lot of changes, with the most recent being the YMCA taking on organizational responsibilities for the 2017 run.

Core Stability and Neural Facilitation

The human body is not rigid and is able to move through three anatomical planes at different speeds with different forces being applied. This ability requires strength, endurance, and coordination of the neuromuscular system. An inefficient neuromuscular system can lead to inefficient movements and injury.

Movement Pattern Training for Better Performance

As the school year winds down and summer approaches the question on many parents’ and athletes’ minds is what type of training is best for summer. It’s a question I have received many times over the years. My answer for off-season training always starts with teaching athletes to move better so that they can perform better.

Summer Day Camps and What to Expect for Your Kids

Summer is quickly approaching and school aged children everywhere are counting the days! We all long for sunny skies, warm weather, and lazy afternoons! But soon those lazy afternoons become boring afternoons and parents are quickly wishing for school to begin again. So how can we avoid this summer boredom?