Ditch the “Cardio” to Get Lean

by Rebecca Douglas, Owner, Fit Body Boot Camp Billings

If you’re still doing Steady-State cardio to get lean…STOP!  You don’t need it.  Plodding along on an elliptical or treadmill watching daytime TV will not get you the body of your dreams.

If looking sexy-awesome in shorts and a swimsuit this summer is your goal, then stop doing all that cardio!  You will just end up a smaller version of your soft, fluffy self.  Sorry…a harsh reality, but true!

Steady state cardio (A.K.A, long boring cardio) can eat muscle instead of fat, and that’s the LAST thing you want if your goal is a healthy, lean physique.

Muscle is metabolically active and it’s what helps you burn more fat…even while sleeping!  Ever wonder why men burn fat faster than women?  They genetically have more muscle, so they automatically burn more fat at rest then us.  It’s unfair, but we CAN do something about it.

  1. Stop the excess cardio. It’s eating your muscle.
  2. Start lifting. It will NOT turn you into a bulky “she-man”. I promise!
  3. Incorporating 3-4 days Metabolic training will turn you into a fat-burning machine with as little as 1.5 hours per week!

Now, If you run or like to zone out on the elliptical machine because it’s helps you clear your head, then keep doing it, but, if your goal is to bring the sexy back in your tank tops and jeans, then you need to shake up your routine.

The key to Metabolic training is doing it the right way.  You can’t be wishy-washy and expect good results. Here’s a simple but effective 10 minute Metabolic workout you can do at home. Make sure you warm up first!

Do 10 reps of each, resting as little as possible. How many rounds can you get in 10 min.?

  1. Inchworm to Push up
  2. Lateral Lunge (10 each side)
  3. Mountain Climbers (10 each side)
  4. Burpees


This simple yet effective sequence done 3-4 times a week can burn more total calories in a 36 hour period than your long, slow, boring cardio. In the end, you’re looking to have an elevated metabolism, so you’ll continue to burn more calories even after you’re done exercising.


Studies show that you can have an elevated metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER a Metabolic workout if you do it right.  But that’s the key…doing it right.  This means working as hard as you can in short bursts (:20 or :30 sec), rest (:10 or :15 sec.) and repeat several times.


The number one priority when attempting to lose fat should be to keep the muscle you have and build a little more. Otherwise, you will eventually feel frustrated with the lack of results and maybe looking a little too much like the Pillsbury Dough boy (or girl).


If I’m traveling or at home, using a jump rope in combination with body weight work such as pushups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks can be effective, but having a good coach or being a part of a high energy class is needed for most of to stay strong and motivated during this style of workout. Check with your local gyms (or Fit Body Boot Camp) if you need help with motivation.


So, if it’s a lean, toned, sexy physique you are looking for, ditch the boring cardio and start incorporating some metabolic training.


You will LOVE the results!  Guaranteed!



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