A Dream to Reality “go out and get it”

by Michelle Manningham

I find that the fitness industry holds within it some of the most determined and focused individuals.  Some simply start by getting organized for a fitness routine while others find their passion leading them into dreams of personal training, coaching, competitions and new businesses. It doesn’t matter from where we come.  Our fitness journeys have no set starting line. Anyone can jump in the race whenever and wherever they want.

I took the time to interview a former colleague of mine, Shana Evans, who started her fitness journey a few years back.  Her journey led her to open her own sports nutrition store in Mount Pleasant, Texas, Shana’s Nutrition & Supplements.  I was amazed to find that she allowed her passion to grow into something so monumental.  I can only imagine how afraid she must have been to take the leap of faith and start her own company, but that is exactly what she did.  Hopefully her words will remove any fears we might have when making our dreams a reality.

  1. When did you decide to pursue your dreams in the fitness industry?

“I decided to pursue my dreams nearly three years ago.  I got hired at a nutrition store in town and I distinctly remember being so excited to learn.  I was eager to see what I could do with the information I was given.  I knew at that moment my purpose was to help others reach their goals in the fitness world, and my mind wouldn’t stop looking for an outlet from which to do so.  Building strong relationships with every customer made a huge difference when I branched out on my own.  They were loyal to me, and therefore, loyal to my new company.”

  1. What would you say to someone in the fitness industry who is thinking about branching out on their own?

“I always tell those around me to follow their dreams in life.  It can be very scary, but well worth it the challenge.  Never settle in life, no matter what.  If you want it, go out and get it.  Make it happen.  It is important to feed yourself positive thoughts and with that, positive things will follow.

It’s important to put together a plan of action.  Getting in a car without a destination is going to get you nowhere but lost.  Always have a starting point and an ending point.  I knew my starting point was to open a brick and mortar store, and I put an action plan together to make that happen.  Daily goals were a huge part of it.

Life is too short to wonder what could have been.  Just do it.  Find a way and make it happen.  However, if you decide to go for it, put every ounce of your being into it.  It’s the only way to make it successful.”

  1. What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

The main thing was the changes to my schedule.  There are many sacrifices which have to be made when starting something like this.  I have less time with my family and friends than ever before.  But I know the long hours will eventually pay off.  The investments I make now will give us the quality time we desire later. Delayed gratification is part of this process.  One day, my invested time will give them the quality of life I know they deserve.  I try to help them understand this sacrifice is only temporary.  This seems to makes a big difference to those in my life.  However, I have learned to set myself a schedule.  There is one day a week that is dedicated only to friends and family and I make that day a priority.  It is not just my business, it is my family’s business and we built it that way.”

The interview with Shana left me with a few questions of my own.

1)    What goals do I want to accomplish?

2)    How can I accomplish these goals?

3)    What am I willing to do to make them a reality?

If you have the same questions, start finding your answers!

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