Convenience + Complaints = Excuses

by Rebecca Douglas

In this day and age, we live such a blessed life of convenience and ease. Everything we want and desire is at our fingertips 24/7, yet, if you look around, our society constantly complains about how hard “Adulting” is; how hard it is to lose weight, how unfair life can be sometimes, etc…


I blame these complaints on the extreme conveniences we live with day to day. Social media and smart phones make it easier to hide from face-face interactions; TV remotes makes it easier for us to spend an entire day sitting on the couch; delivery services for almost everything takes out the need to walk to the corner grocery store; even a treadmill makes it easier for us to go for a walk.


As a local fitness professional, I see how these very conveniences we are blessed with, are also what allow us to make excuses and derail us from living a healthy, energetic and vibrant life. Conveniences have taught us that everything we want is easy to get. Unfortunately, we no longer understand that ANYTHING WORTHWHILE COMES WITH A LITTLE HARDSHIP.


From a health and fitness perspective, working hard and making certain uncomfortable lifestyle changes are a necessity to losing fat, getting lean, and being in control of our own health. Plain and Simple.


As my wife says…”There’s an app for that.” And it’s true. There’s an App for everything… Except for when it comes to getting healthy. An App, a diet pill, or the newest “quick fix diet” won’t alleviate the need to actually DO a sweat-inducing workout or pay attention to the foods we eat. We have forgotten how GOOD it feels to breath hard, break a sweat, and get the heart rate going.  We’ve forgotten how SATISFYING it feels when we accomplish something we didn’t think we could do. We’ve forgotten how AMAZING our bodies feel when we put a little blood, sweat and tears into a goal.


We all have the same choices every day. Will we choose to sit in our own apathy for life OR will we choose (inconvenient) actions towards a goal?


Sometimes it’s only a matter of getting off of social media and going outside to move the body. Some may need the help and professional expertise of a fitness coach to motivate and inspire them to move and teach them.


If you find yourself complaining about lack of progress towards a goal, then choose well, because a lean, healthy and vibrant body doesn’t happen with only the use of a convenience or an App… you still have to put in some God-honest hard work.


As one of my clients just posted on Facebook…”What do you hate more? That 30min. workout or those 30 extra pounds?”


Now, go! DO something… anything that gets you moving towards your goals. That complaint you have forming in your head right now is only an excuse to keep you from reaching that goal. To your health!


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