Riding the Ride or are you Driving your Dream Car

by Rebecca Douglas

That’s a big question I ask my bootcamp and private clients when they are struggling with motivation and will power.

Getting fit, being in better health, and living a life of passion and purpose can only be done one way… by driving your dream car. Unfortunately, most of us are sitting on one of those amusement park car rides that drive the car for you. And this is how our society has become fat, lazy, sick and ultimately unhappy.

Let me explain. Picture yourself at the amusement park. You are with your kids and they want to go on the ride where they get to “drive” the cars. So you sit in a cute old fashioned car and let them “drive”. You sit back and enjoy the ride while the car does all the work. It sits on a track that predetermines where you are going. You have no control and you don’t have to make any decisions.

Now, apply that to life. Most of us live our lives similarly. We believe that we are stuck with what life gives us; that we were born a certain way with certain genetics in certain economic situations, all which determines how we look, act and believe.

Sound familiar?

Now, try out this alternative idea. Instead of the amusement park ride, you are driving your dream car. Your hands on the hand-tooled leather steering wheel, wind in your hair, you make quick decisions on which turn to take and at what speed you are driving. AND YOU GET TO DECIDE WHERE YOU END UP!

Apply this to your health and fitness journey and make the decision now to drive your dream car, and get off the ride. Sure…It’s easier to sit back and let someone else do the driving, but when you are trying to get healthy, only you can drive your car.

Being at the mercy of fast food and lack of planning is riding the ride. Prepping and Packing your food is driving the dream car.

Not getting enough sleep and sleeping through the alarm is Riding the Ride. Making sure you are in bed early enough to wake up and get your workout in is Driving the Dream Car.

Blaming everything and everyone else is Riding the Ride. Planning ahead in anticipation for hiccups is Driving the Dream Car.

Letting everyone else decide what you do, who you are, how you look is Riding the Ride. Developing your own identity, doing what you love and working on yourself is Driving the Dream Car.

Driving the Dream Car is hard, it requires focus and commitment and you will get a few hard earned calluses, but it’s worth it when you end up going where you have always wanted to go…Instead of only dreaming about it.

Making decisions frees you into a life of passion, purpose, and health.

So, what kind of car will you be driving?

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