Finding Balance During the Holidays

by Rebecca Douglas

We are officially on the verge of the holiday season… Are you starting to feel the Fall freak-out? Can you feel the pull of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas treats? Are you gearing up for the annual fight against the temptations? Did you know that the average American gains more than 15 pounds between Halloween and New Years?

It doesn’t have to be like that, though! And I’m NOT talking about dieting through the holidays. Holidays are meant for family gatherings, making good memories, celebrating our blessings and enjoying life…You should never think about dieting this time of year. In fact, I don’t believe in dieting any time of year. If you are eating nutrient-dense food, have balanced macros and are enjoying the occasional “treat” meal, then you should never have to diet.

Logically, you know what needs to be done to stay on track during the holidays. How many magazine articles have you read? How much online or friends’ advice have you sought out? How many workout programs have you followed? They will all tell you what you already know, like:

  • Eat more Veggies
  • Add more exercise
  • More Water
  • Low Carb (after 4pm)

But do you do these things? If you are freaking out about the holidays, then you probably aren’t. Getting through the Holidays without weight gain is more than just trying to do more “diety” things. As a Fitness Pro and Health Coach, “diet” is NEVER in my vocabulary. That mind-set perpetuates the vicious cycle that keeps us in a chronic state of yo-yo diets. Instead, let’s talk about balanced nutrition and how we can incorporate our holiday celebrations with it. It’s my little secret. BALANCE of clean food, BALANCE of life’s little pleasures, BALANCE of the Mind, Body and Spirit for long-term fat loss. With Balance comes a lean and healthy body full of vibrancy and confidence.

Try these tips this year:

Mindful Eating: Get off of auto pilot. Paying attention to what you are eating instead of being a “food zombie” can bring huge changes. Don’t put as much on your plate. Try a small plate. Do you really need potatoes AND a roll AND the pasta in one meal? Pick one. Is your desert bigger than your palm? Try cutting it in half.

Balanced Macros: Hire a coach that knows how to set your Fat, Carb and Proteins for your weight, height, age activity level and goals. Getting lean is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Losing fat, building muscle, toning, energy all require different Macro balances.

Enjoying a Treat Meal: If you are eating balanced, clean and nutrient-dense foods 6 days a week, you can enjoy your treat meal once a week or on a holiday celebration…without guilt or sabotaging your goals. By definition a Treat is “once in a while”.

Healthy substitutions: There are multiple ways to make traditional holiday favorites just a little bit more healthy, without sacrificing flavor. Just ask, I’ve got hundreds of ideas. You just have to get out of your regular routine a bit and try.

Ditch the dieting mentality of deprivation for more balance in your life and you won’t be among the average who gain 15 pounds this holiday.

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