Shape Up: With a Team Approach

Spring will be upon us before you know it. Not been hitting the gym… or maybe just not the gym type? Think maybe you need more of a team effort?  Shape Up Montana is a fun, interactive three-month team competition from February 1 to May 1 that encourages Montanans to develop healthy physical activity and eating habits.  Montana Fitness Magazine proudly supports this fantastic statewide program aimed and motivating individuals toward a healthy lifestyle through the encouragement of a workplace, family, community or faith community team based approach.


Team Effort

The Shape Up Montana program is a team wellness program where teams, made up of friends, family members, coworkers, etc. can compete against other teams across the state of Montana. In the spirit of the Big Sky State Games, the top three teams will receive medals and special prizes. Awards will be based on the teams who:

  • average the most miles logged per person over the three-month program, and
  • teams with the highest percentage of weight lost.


Other prizes will be awarded throughout the competition for the teams with the most participation, weekly challenge participation, and monthly reporting. Everyone is a winner by taking part in the program and being more active. The Shape Up Montana program is based around accumulated activity with a healthy weight option.


How it Works

Team members login to the website ( to calculate activity which is converted to “activity miles” and log their weight (optional). To keep the competition fair, the winning teams have the highest average monthly accumulated activity or highest percentage of weight loss.


Weekly Motivation

Each week of the program, team members receive emails with motivational resources including physical activity videos and articles. This allows participants to make small, realistic lifestyle changes.


Register Your Team Online

Registering your Shape Up Montana team is easy. Start by entering your team name, team mailing address, and division. As the team captain, you’ll need to enter your team captain information to setup your profile and contact information. Then it’s just a matter of entering your team members. You only need to enter member’s name, email, and birth date.


You must specify a minimum of 3 and up to 9 members for a maximum team size of 10 (including the captain). The cost is only $16 per team member.  Once registered, not only can you log and track your activity, but you can view weekly articles and videos on wellness and nutrition. There are healthy recipes to try as well as weekly challenges to help keep you motivated. Participating in the weekly challenges will boost your team’s performance and enter you to win incentive prizes.


Shape Up Montana is a team effort! Get a team together; Choose a team name and category; Register; Go!

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