Montana’s Vape Boom

The initial “non-vaping reader response” to our cover article subtitle for an article on vaping, that being “the good, the bad, and the ugly” must certainly be “what could possibly be good about vaping?”

The Native Montanan?

Montanan’s truly are notorious for their kindness. If you’ve never lived in or spent any significant time in another state, you know this is true.  But for some reason, usually around election time, we start hearing that if you’re not a native born Montanan, somehow, you probably shouldn’t be running for office.  With it comes…

What’s in Your Granola?

Montana and granola is about as synonymous as Montana and beef; it just depends on whether you wear cowboy boots or sandals.

Hope for the Best…

My Dad is 83 years old. My Mom is 84. For their age, they are in great health, happy (except for the occasional grumblings from my Dad typical of an old man’s grumblings)

MSUB Half Mile Criss Cross

Getting There Everyone knows where MSUB is, right? Enter the main parking lot off Rimrock and head south toward the library. The Route From the parking area, the starting point to ensure a perfect half mile is the sidewalk leading to the library. Head west following the sidewalk around the Liberal Arts Building back to…

Billings is Tennis

Tennis is thriving in Billings, Montana. Last year, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) named Montana one of the fastest growing states for tennis.

The Principle of Specificity

The principle of specificity in sports conditioning is the philosophy that an athlete’s training regime must move from “highly general” training, as in various cardiovascular or weight lifting activities, to “highly specific” training by which, for example, a swimmer must train in the pool and a cyclist must train on the bike.