Yellowstone River Ride

Getting There Take 27th Street south, over Highway 90 until it ends.  Turn left on Garden Ave going north to the “T” intersection (just about 500ft). Take a left on Belknap Ave and immediately turn right on Charlene St. Go about ¾ of a mile along this road until you come to Jim Dutcher Trail. …

The Power Of H2O

Water is life. Yeah, heard that one before. The Billings area is clearly not located in a desert… but we’re close.

Hydrology. Our Region’s Dams

Hydrology is the study of the movement, allocation, and quality of water on Earth. This article isn’t really about that.


Want to stay cool during one of one of the hottest days of the summer? Join the crowd in a non-timed two mile crazy fun water walk/run around and through Pioneer Park July 20th!

Billings Oasis. More than a Water Park.

Bear with me on this one… it starts out it a rather predictable manner. Establishing the foundation of an article about a swimming pool can be that way, but as with many “public interest” stories MoFi (that’s Montana Fitness Magazine for those who don’t know) has done, the initial goal of this article quickly turned into something we’d not anticipated.


Everyday I open my e-mail or Facebook to headlines like these: