By Rebecca Douglas

Everyday I open my e-mail or Facebook to headlines like these:

“Lose 10 pounds by tomorrow.”

“Force your butt to EXPLODE”

“How Hollywood stars “shed” 17 years in 1 day: their REAL anti-aging secret revealed”

“Check your URINE smell for this-could be linked to a disease!”

Most messages I see is all about triggering fear and desperation in us. It’s a rare day when I actually see a message that makes me feel empowered and hopeful about my health and fitness.


Some 90% of my industry doesn’t help the people it promises to help. There are so many mixed messages, misdirection, and generalized information that anytime a woman frustrated with lack of fat loss who turns to a magazine, Dr. “Google”, or her bestie for help, she gets four different solutions… All or None of which may help her. Not for her lack of trying, but for her lack of willingness to look in the right place…in herself.


We intuitively know how to lose fat and feel better. Yet we’ve allowed our instincts and sense-of-self to be overrun by media messaging, celebrity imagery, and a desire to be just like everyone else….or at the very least, like one of the “cool” kids. When I see Facebook ads touting quick fix weight loss I want to scream. Especially when my clients “like” them.


The ONLY things that will provide fat loss, a lean body, explosive and vibrant energy, and a level of health where you don’t rely on prescriptions, medications, and antibiotics are:

  1. the willingness to move your body for 30 min 5-6 days a week.
  2. the understanding that your body needs nutrient-dense foods every day.
  3. a trust that your body already knows how to be lean, energetic and healthy.
  4. a positive mindset.
  5. a sense of self. Let go of society’s idea of perfection and discover your own.
  6. And the real intention “Try All of the Above.”

But where do you start?

  1. STOP Googling. It’s only confusing you.
  2. START listening to your body. It’s telling you what it needs and wants.
  3. APPLY some logic. We know that smoking, drinking soda, energy drinks, eating fried foods and not exercising won’t get us the lean, energetic body we want.
  4. STOP the excuses. Because we feel overwhelmed, we start developing excuses to justify why we keep those unhealthy habits:

Sound familiar?

Smoking curbs my appetite. So does a big glass of water.

I don’t have time to exercise. If you have time for Facebook, you have at least 30 minutes to exercise.

I can’t afford to eat clean. Stop buying garbage food. Bam! Now you can afford it.

I have kids. Go for a walk with them, play in the park, take them on an easy hike.

I don’t like the atmosphere of a big gym.  Try a smaller fitness studio or your own basement.

I don’t like to sweat and I get too many cravings. Sometimes we just need to suck it up and push through the hard stuff to get to what we want.

I don’t know how to cook. Start experimenting.

I have to cook different things for my kids. Why? Don’t be a short order cook.

I travel a lot. You still have to eat and move. Pick a protein and veggie at any restaurant. Use the hotel gym to work out or go for a walk.


Now go! move! and pay attention to your body!…It knows what you need.

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