Yellowstone River Ride


wordpress trail.jpg

Getting There

Take 27th Street south, over Highway 90 until it ends.  Turn left on Garden Ave going north to the “T” intersection (just about 500ft). Take a left on Belknap Ave and immediately turn right on Charlene St. Go about ¾ of a mile along this road until you come to Jim Dutcher Trail.  There is a parking lot right off this area near a clump of trees.  This is your starting point.


The Route

For an exact 5 mile return trip, this route begins at the parking area as indicated in the “getting there” notes.  Ride along the Yellowstone River on the Jim Dutcher Trail and  you’ll pass Coulson Park very quickly.  After a little over a half mile, the trail turns slightly to the left under the highway and continues along the river.  You will reach a bend in the trail across from the Sewage Treatment Plant (sorry) moving left and into a half loop around the plant to the right.  The trail straightens out along the river and heads up a hill toward Two Moon Park Road.  Turn right on Two Moons and head into the Park.  As the road bends to the right you’ll come to a turn-around loop and parking area.  At the very beginning of the loop, turn left onto the trail leading into the woods.  After just about 100 feet, you will emerge into a clearing.  Travel about 150 feet until you could ride right into the river (don’t ride into the river.)  This is the turn-around point at the 2.5 mile mark.  Take a break… go back!  PLEASE NOTE: As we got rained out twice, we were unable to ride this route… so, we might have missed some things. Please be careful… and let us know how it went!

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