Eat Like Great Grandma

by Rebecca Douglas; Owner, Fit Body Boot Camp

Keto…A diet that will clog arteries and flood your body with toxins if not done properly. 0 carb, high protein/low calorie…A diet that will slow down your metabolism causing weight gain.

The RAW diet, Grapefruit diet, Hollywood diet, Mayo diet, HCG diet, Liquid diets, Juicing diets, 3-Hour diet, Tapeworm diet …they are all DIETS….further damaging the balance of your system. Unfortunately, I could go on and on.

Over the last few generations, the word diet has gone from meaning “the kinds of foods a person or community habitually eats” to meaning a prescribed quick-fix to lose weight fast.

The word itself is powerful in the fitness industry. It drives feelings of anxiety, desperation and fear into the hearts and minds of our clients. Our society has become so easy, so convenient, and so busy that we have lost our ability to understand balance and flow. Because of this, when it comes to our eating habits, we stuff whatever we want into our faces…as long as it is full of flavors, quick, and makes us feel good.

What’s wrong with that, you ask??

It’s making us fat, unhealthy, and depressed!! So we start looking for “quick fixes” to lose weight fast so we can feel better again.

We want the pills the cute skinny girl we saw online took to get thin in 7 days. We want the high fat diet (who doesn’t like fat?) because we read on Dr. Google that lots of people have lost weight quickly eating nothing but bacon.

We’ll starve ourselves for 18 hours, then binge on nothing but raw foods and lemon water because that’s our favorite actress did that to drop an extra 10 pounds.

All of which will get you quick weight loss, only to damage your metabolism (the thing that burns fat OR stores fat) and makes you gain weight.

As a fitness professional, I spend most of my days fixing my clients broken metabolisms and mindset about how to eat for fat loss. The simplest and most effective, yet most confusing message I can give you for SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS is to start eating like your Great-Grandma.

She didn’t care about fat loss. She was already lean, healthy and strong. And she didn’t have the diseases we are riddled with today. And she ate in a balanced way with foods that were nutrient-dense.

Here’s a quick definition of Balanced Eating… Lots of organic vegetables at most meals.Moderate lean proteins. (fish, chicken, wild game, fresh eggs). A small amount of whole grains & carbs (oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes,) A little healthy fats (avocados, olives, egg yolks, nuts). And a piece of fruit for a treat. This is how I teach most of my clients to eat for big, sustainable fat loss….and it works!

Remember! Balance is best… Yet, there is always grey area for certain individuals. If you suffer from Epilepsy, Dementia, Alzheimer’s—Keto will be a better fit for you. If you have Diabetes—Lower/complex carb plan will be better for you. If you have Cancer—An organic Vegan plan will be best for you. If you are training for a body building competition—you need a very specific plan.

Don’t get sucked into the Fad Diets and Quick Fixes you see online. The reason they are there is because they work…for the fitness industry…NOT YOU. They make my industry a lot of money because they keep you fat, desperate, and willing to spend any amount of money to lose weight fast.

Eat like Great-Grandma! You will thank me later.




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