MoFi Trail Guides

There are dozens of great places to walk, run, hike and bike in and around the City of Billings, not to mention Montana.  The problem is that most people aren’t even aware of them.

Montana Fitness Magazine is not just dedicated to giving Billings residents great information on health fitness, and wellness, we also want to provide our readers opportunities to get out there and experience the great trails and paths the area has to offer.  But we didn’t just want to print out a map… we want to give you detailed information that will not only ensure you understand the routes we’re outlining, but that you’ll feel comfortable in trying them out!  Since, of course, not all trails are alike, we have provided a comprehensive yet easy to understand series of guidelines and explainers which will tell you exactly what you might be in for when traveling a MoFi researched trail… and every trail we present to you has actually been traversed by a Montana Fitness employee or affiliate!

Trail Guide_symbols.jpg
Phipps Park Hike
Yellowstone River Ride
MSUB Half Mile Criss-Cross
Alkali Creek Run
The Perfect Park Mile
Shiloh Conservation Area
Skeleton Cliff Loop
Airport Road Run
Harvest Park Loop
Norm’s Island Trails
Pictograph Cave Trail
Riverfront Park Loops