Montana Marathon Poster Contest

Poster Contest Ad_half2

We’re working on it!  And we need your help…  Weston Sharpe (yeah, he’s a co-owner of Montana Fitness Magazine) will be reaching out to get ideas on how to get people involved and what prizes we should offer for:

1. Best overall poster
2. Funniest Poster
3. Most Creative Poster

Contact Weston (by invite only right now) or respond here or on Facebook.

Below is a collage of some poster examples.  Most are funny, but we’re looking for inspirational one’s too!


Below are the initial details on the contest… more to come.  We’ve started a very basic Facebook page too where we’ll post updates as we get the contest details finalized.

There are no rules yet!…. well, a few:

1. No offensive language – (you know the words)

2. Be nice

The time frame for participating has yet to be determined but plan on hanging out for at least 90minutes near the finish line (participation zone map to be posted soon!)


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